Reasons to Always Hire a Licensed Electrician

It might come as a shock to homeowners to discover that twenty percent of all fires in Canadian homes are electrical. While wear and tear is often to blame, the number one cause of electrical fires in the home is faulty wiring, usually done by someone unqualified to do the work. The professionals at Niagara’s Lakeside Electrical Services believe there’s no better reason than your family’s safety to hire a fully licensed electrician to do your home electrical work.

Some things are simply meant to be done by a qualified professional. Electrical work in your home definitely falls into that category. While it is nice to save money on home repairs when you can, Lakeside Electrical Services suggests there are many reasons why you should always hire a licensed electrician.

For starters, professional electricians are educated and certified to do the work. It’s not enough to simply know about electricity; the trusted electricians at Lakeside Electrical Services have a detailed understanding of all the elements affecting electrical wiring, connections, electrical panels and more. Secondly, professionals put their license on the line every time they complete a job. Poor workmanship could result in the revoking of their license and cause damage to their reputation and business.

Professional electricians have a vested interest in completing your electrical work properly. A professional can also conduct a full analysis of your entire electrical system, taking a proactive approach to system maintenance. With proper tools and procedures at their disposal, the electrical experts at Lakeside Electrical Services deliver Niagara’s most thorough electrical repairs. Finally, a fully qualified electrician can share important information on how to avoid any future electrical problems.

For over 25 years, the Lakeside Electrical Services team of electrical professionals has provided top-quality electrical repairs and 24/7 emergency services to both commercial and residential customers throughout Niagara, St.Catharines and the surrounding areas. Their electricians are drug-tested and background checked, and they arrive for service calls in uniform with a fully stocked company vehicle.

When you need prompt, punctual and professional electrical service or repairs, call the licensed electricians at Lakeside Electrical Services.

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